Liver Cancer Solutions: ECCO Medical Takes the Lead

ECCO Medical located in Denver, Colorado specializes in interventional radiology procedures such as Benign prostatic hyperplasia

Nowadays, researchers have discovered many types of cancer – breast, lung, and skin cancer; the list goes on and on. But one of the most prevalent types of cancer is that which affects the liver. In November 2022, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) revised their statistical data regarding this disease, and the […]

SIRT & Y-90 Resin Microspheres: Interventional Radiology Techniques Explained

At ECCO Medical, our endovascular specialists have extensive experience in treating a wide variety of cancers in a non-surgical, minimally invasive way. Something that makes our office-based lab unique; it’s currently the only outpatient clinic in Colorado to offer Y-90 treatment for liver cancer. But, in order to understand “Y-90,” it is necessary to unpack […]

Radiologic Imaging: Interventional Radiology Techniques Explained


ECCO Medical’s interventional radiologists use non-invasive diagnostic or “radiologic” imaging to treat vascular system conditions. Using images of the body’s internal structure, ECCO physician Aaron Kovaleski, can determine the best course of action for any given vascular condition. This includes pre-procedural planning all the way through follow up imaging. All without open surgery. Radiologic Imaging […]

Embolization: Interventional Radiology (IR) Techniques Explained

“Embolization” is a mainstay therapy of interventional radiologists. Simply put, embolization occurs when blood supply to a target area stops flowing, resulting in a lack of oxygen. Depending on the procedure, these plugs could be a soft metal “coil,” made of collagen, or an injection of millions of tiny particles. At ECCO, we use embolization […]

Liver Cancer Experts in Denver: Y90 Radioembolization Does It Work?

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Radioembolization is a combination of two different types of cancer treatment. Radiation therapy uses ionizing radiation to kill cancer cells and shrink tumors. Embolization is an interventional radiology procedure used to block blood flow to the arteries that feed the tumors, thus starving them. Y90 Radioembolization combines these two modes of therapy. As with other forms of embolization, tiny spheres are […]

Liver Cancer Experts in Denver: Is Y90 an apt Liver Cancer Treatment?

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There are a number of possible treatments for liver cancer. Traditional surgery and systemic chemotherapy still often present the best hope for a cure. But in many cases surgery is not possible, for a variety of reasons. ECCO specializes in an advanced form of treatment that can be effective in such cases. Y90 radioembolization is a minimally-invasive […]