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It Was the Best Experience

Posted: 2020-07-30 05:57:30
"(The PAE procedure) was completely painless. I was at my desk doing some work an hour after I came out of there. Little to no discomfort. In literally a week, I felt really good. It’s been just over a month now, and my symptoms have completely gone away. I feel great. Honest to goodness, it was the best experience for someone who was really apprehensive about having it done and it turned out to be just a great experience. It was a concierge sort of experience from the first phone call to the follow-up. I had the nurse call me the next day and ask how I was feeling. The doctor followed up and called me. A very personal interest."
Lewis "Lew" Pincus

Something No Other Dr. Had Done

Posted: 2020-07-30 05:55:50
"Dr. Kovaleski did something I don’t think I’ve ever seen a doctor do: He actually took me to the back, showed me the equipment, showed me the coil that they were going to put in my body to block the veins. That was something I don’t think I’d ever had done before. His staff was great. The nurses, they made me feel easy. The day of the procedure, it went smoothly. You go to some practices and you feel like they’re jam-packed. There weren’t too many people there. It was very comfortable."