How ECCO’S Outpatient Treatment Keeps You Safe.

There’s no denying it, hospitals can be overwhelming. From parking decks, to check-in, long waits, delays and large numbers of ill patients in-house, inpatient hospital stays may not always feel like the best course of action – especially in these times of COVID-19. ECCO performs consultation and definitive therapies in an outpatient treatment setting, which means they do everything in the same office. This not only saves patients from having to go to multiple locations or a hospital for treatment, it also keeps them safe.

Our Outpatient Treatment Building

Firstly and most importantly, ECCO’s office is in a free-standing, single floor outpatient treatment building in Lone Tree, CO on the corner of Park Meadows Drive and Acres Green. It is not attached to a hospital, nor is it on a medical campus. The building has its own free parking lot for patients and its own dedicated entrance, which allows patients ease of access.

This setup affords ECCO’s patients minimal exposure to communicable diseases. Patients park feet away from the dedicated entrance, which opens into the waiting room – no lobby, no elevators, no stairways. For now, we don’t allow family members or friends to wait in the reception area as we don’t want increased foot traffic (foot traffic = exposure) for other patients.

Small Office, Big Benefits

At ECCO, we treat a large volume of patients with multiple comorbidities. For these more vulnerable patients, the option of outpatient treatment in a manageable setting is a nice change. Not only is the office easier to manage, but the low volume and low exposure provides safety for those at higher risk. These features are also part of our patient care protocols for COVID-19.

Lower Risk of Infection

Outpatient treatment runs a much lower risk of procedure-related infection relative to hospitals. Hospital procedure rooms accommodate sick and critically ill inpatients daily. Often outpatients follow inpatients one after the other. This scenario poses a potential threat as inpatients often carry active infections.

At ECCO, we only treat outpatients. Upon arrival, our patients must screen for any form of illness before entering. Additionally, we don’t have the volume of a hospital. The more patients passing through procedure rooms, the more likely bacterial colonization occurs in that room. Thus, our outpatient treatment options can provide a safe alternative.

To read more about our safety and COVID protocols and advantages to outpatient care, click here. here.

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