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“I Can’t Feel My Feet” – PAD Experts on PAD and Peripheral Neuropathy

If you have been diagnosed as having peripheral arterial disease – or even told that you are at increased risk for PAD – your doctors have probably advised you to be on the lookout for certain symptoms. One of the most common is intermittent claudication – cramping leg pain that is usually felt in the muscles as the result of exercise, such as walking or climbing stairs.

Interventional radiology specialist Dr. Aaron Kovaleski and head of ECCO Medical, the best PAD treatment center in Colorado, would like you to be aware that there is another class of symptoms that may indicate the presence of PAD – peripheral neuropathy.

These symptoms include sensations of numbness (“I can’t feel my feet”), tingling feet or burning sensations, or coldness in one leg or foot compared to the other. Unlike claudication, which is often relieved by rest, these symptoms often get worse when you are at rest, or when you are trying to sleep. This can result in insomnia and, if the symptoms persist long-term, in sleep deprivation and psychological distress.

Can PAD cause symptoms of peripheral neuropathy?

In a word, yes. There are many possible causes of these types of “nerve pain” symptoms, but peripheral arterial disease is definitely one of them. PAD narrows the arteries and reduces blood flow, which deprives your legs and feet of the oxygen and nutrients they need to stay healthy. This can result in tissue damage that causes nerve pain and symptoms of peripheral neuropathy.

Can PAD treatment alleviate my peripheral neuropathy symptoms?

Possibly. PAD is not always the cause of peripheral neuropathy symptoms, but if vascular testing reveals that it is, effective peripheral arterial disease treatment can often lessen or eliminate these symptoms the same way it relieves the cramping leg pain of claudication.

If you experience symptoms such as the ones described above, a visit to the most experienced PAD doctors in Denver can help you to find relief. Give the best peripheral arterial disease specialists near you a call at 720-250-9799 or go online to schedule an appointment and allow us to explain our PAD treatment options to you. You’ll sleep better knowing you took action.

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