Dr. Charles Nutting: National PAE Expert Changes Lives in Men with BPH

prostate artery embolization doctors

From the United States to South America and Portugal, Dr. Charles Nutting has collaborated with physicians all over the world to become a leader in prostate artery embolization or PAE. Due to the complexity of this procedure, there are few interventional radiologists that can say they have the amount of experience that Dr. Nutting does. […]

Radiologic Imaging: Interventional Radiology Techniques Explained


ECCO Medical’s interventional radiologists use non-invasive diagnostic or “radiologic” imaging to treat vascular system conditions. Using images of the body’s internal structure, ECCO physicians Aaron Kovaleski and Charles Nutting, can determine the best course of action for any given vascular condition. This includes pre-procedural planning all the way through follow up imaging. All without open […]

Q&A: Dr. Kovaleski On Interventional Radiology

Dr Aaron Kovaleski

Dr. Aaron Kovaleski, co-founder of a new interventional radiology practice based in Lone Tree, Colorado, rarely has a “typical” day. His office, the Endovascular Consultants of Colorado (or ECCO), specializes in treating liver cancer, PAE and more through minimally invasive surgeries. Kovaleki’s days are never boring because of the wide range of procedures performed, one […]