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10 Benefits to UFE at ECCO Medical

Uterine fibroids are smooth, muscular tumors that form on the interior walls of the uterus. These growths appear during women’s childbearing years and are so common that 30% of all women develop them by age 35, and as many as 70% to 80% of women develop them by age 50. Fortunately, these fibroids are non-cancerous, and do not increase a woman’s chances of developing uterine cancer. However, these fibroids can significantly impact quality of life in some women – think heavy periods, pelvic pressure, sore lower back and more. But, there is a solution called Uterine Fibroid Embolization or UFE.

That’s where we come in.


UFE – The Procedure and its Benefits

UFE recovery time
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At ECCO Medical, we offer this procedure that helps women get their lives back. See below for the top benefits of this minimally invasive treatment.

  1. Decrease in heavy cycles. – Many patients notice an improvement in their very next cycle.
  2. Non-surgical fibroid treatment.- A small needle stick begins the procedure and you’re only moderately sedated, so no need for general anesthesia.
  3. Preservation of uterus. – Ideal for women who want to avoid invasive surgery and the removal of an organ and women who would like to have children; therefore, making a hysterectomy unfeasible.
  4. Decrease in urinary dysfunction. – Large fibroids can disrupt urinary function and UFE helps to shrink them so they do not disrupt other organ function. Read more about this here.
  5. Decrease in pelvic pain/pressure.
  6. Virtually no blood loss. – This minimally invasive procedure requires no operating room or large incision.
  7. Insurance covers this procedure.
  8. No hospital stay required. Patients can recover at home after undergoing this minimally invasive procedure in our office.
  9. Short recovery time. – Patients are in and out the same day allowing you to move on quickly with your life.
  10. Improved quality of life. – Because of the decreased risk of infection and short recovery time, you can get back to feeling like “you” quickly.

Concerned uterine fibroids may be impacting your life negatively? Take this quiz to help you determine next steps.


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