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PAD: “Can Peripheral Artery Disease Treatment Prolong Your Life?”

Safe, non-invasive treatment at the best PAD treatment center in Colorado can definitely prolong your life, and increase your enjoyment of it.

This should not be a surprise, but for many of our patients it is, because when they first meet with us they often don’t understand how serious a condition peripheral arterial disease is. The circulatory disease we call PAD isn’t just a minor inconvenience; it’s as life-threatening as coronary artery disease.

Having PAD significantly increases your likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease, and your risk of heart attack and stroke. Current statistics show that 60% of PAD patients will develop ischemic heart disease and 30% will develop cerebrovascular disease. If those patients are experiencing intermittent claudication (cramping leg pain) as a result of their PAD, those same statistics tell us that 10 to 15% of them will die within five years of their initial PAD diagnosis.

Fortunately, proper treatment can beat these odds, and extend your life

At ECCO, we specialize in a number of state-of-the-art, specialized interventional radiology and vascular procedures that can re-open arteries that have been narrowed or blocked by PAD. Depending on the individual case and its severity, these procedures may include balloon angioplasty (to expand the arteries), atherectomy (to remove plaque buildups), and in extreme cases, lower extremity arterial revascularization and stent placement.

All of these procedures can potentially prolong your life. And you’ll be able to enjoy that life more, because the treatments can alleviate many of the negative and painful symptoms of peripheral arterial disease. Dr. Aaron Kovaleski is an expert in this field and has helped numerous individuals get back the quality of life they deserve.  To learn more, call our offices today at 720-282-1178 or make an appointment online on our website. If you have PAD, that call may be the most important step you can take towards living a longer, healthier, and happier life.

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